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     First let me welcome you to my web site and thank you for showing interest in my animals. My name is Patricia and I live in Nyssa, OR with my husband and my sons, Buddy and Levi. I have been raising dairy goats since 1991. My herd began with 4-H animals of several different breeds. It didn't take long for me to realize that LaManchas were my favorite and I have been raising them ever since. Our Toggenburgs began in 2003 with starts from the Whisper'N' Pines, and the P-K-acres herds. In 2004,Buddy decided that Saanens were his favorite breed and with the help of Laurie Acton, Buddy's 1st Saanen Des-Ruhigestelle Keeper joined the herd. Saanens truly are the gentle giants of the dairy goat world, and it is so fun to see Buddy out with his big girls. Buddy's Saanen herd is going strong with some really beautiful animals.

2008- We attended 4 shows and did extremely well at all of them. We finished 4 animals this year- CH Olentangy Esquire Ariston, SGCH Huricane-PM SFTC Destiny, SGCH Huricane-PM SFCC S-berry Tart, GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Apricot, and brought home several other CH legs. Tart was RGCH and BU at the LaMancha district specialty as well as 1st place dam & daughter with Cee, and 1st place sire & progeny with Champ.

At the State Fair we had the GCH/BOB Togg Sr. doe, GCH and RCH Togg Jr. does, RGCH LaMancha Sr. doe, BOB Saanen, BOB Recorded Grade, RGCH Alpine, and the BDIS, as well as multiple high placing animals and group classes. We were Premier Toggenburg Exibitor and Premier Toggenburg Breeder for the third year in a row. 

Linear Appraisal was another highlight this year. 46 animals were appraised. 29 of those had a score of 90 or greater, and our average herd score for all 4 breeds was 89.93 with 11 of those being 1st fresheners. SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Essencia received an EEEE 93! Way to go Senci and way to go Lauren Acton for breeding another spectacular dairy goat.

2007- Was a busy year for us and we only attended two shows, the Nationals in Gillette, WY and our State Fair. We did very well at both shows. We made the cut with almost everyone that we took to nationals and had several in the top 10 in their individual classes. At State Fair we had the GCH Togg Sr. doe and the RGCH LaMancha Sr. doe,  multiple 1st and 2nd place animals, Premier Toggenburg Exibitor and Premier Toggenburg Breeder for the second year in a row.

    2006- I attended several local shows and finished 2 more does CH Huricane-PM Cruises Twinkie and GCH P-K-Acres Kabukiís Pollyanna, as well as one of my Sr. herd sires *B SGCH South-fork Charming Champlain.  I also picked up several other legs on various animals, including 3 dry legs, and 2 milking legs. What a year!

      2005-We traveled to Spokane and I attended my first National Show. I have always dreamed of going to Nationals and making the "cut". I didn't care if I stood at the very end of the line (after the "cut"); I just wanted to be able to stay in the ring. I headed for the National Show with 11 does. Of these 11 does, all made the cut and not one placed lower than 12th in their individual classes. YEAH!!! My Toggenburgs placed 3rd place Jr. kid, 11th place Intermediate kid, 9th place Sr. kid, 5th place Jr. get, 5th place Best 3 Juniors, 11th place 2 yr. old, 10th place 3 yr. old, 10th place 4 yr. old, 7th and 12th placed Aged does, and 7th place Dairy Herd. My LaManchas placed 11th place Jr. kid, 4th place Intermediate kid, and 8th place Milking yearling. I cannot express how proud I am of my goats and what an accomplishment that was in my life, I still feel as if I am walking on clouds. 
     TERMS - I am on official milk test so official milk records are available on request. My herd is CL free and I use a strict CAE prevention program. All births are attended to the best of my ability; teats are also taped (just in case). All kids are fed heat treated colostrum, the milk is pasteurized or milk replacer is used. Kids are weaned at 3 months of age. 

     I must keep the herd at a manageable size, so most of this years kid crop will be available for purchase. I will take deposits on bucks out of first fresheners, but I retain the final decision on that sale until after the doe has freshened and I am able to evaluate her. A 100.00 deposit is required to hold the kid of your choice. The balance is due within 2 weeks of the notification of birth. Personal checks are gladly accepted on deposits, but I request that the balance be paid with certified funds (money order, cashiers check, and I now accept PayPal as well ). I ask that you also make a second choice, just in case the kid of your choice is not born. If the kid of your choice is not born, I will gladly refund your deposit or it can be carried over to the following kidding season at this year prices. Sorry, no refunds of deposits on cancelled orders. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer (including crate, health certificate etc.). Shipping is from the Boise ID airport. If you would like to pick up your kid at the farm; the barn doors are always open. Show quality milkers as well as dairy replacement animals are available each spring, please contact us for availability.

     POLICIES - I will only sell kids that I feel are of good quality and in my opinion, are structurally sound. If for some reason an animal is found to be genetically unsound or infertile, it will be replaced. Requirements for replacement are: 1- A signed document from a licensed veterinarian on letter head, stating that that the problem is of genetic origin. 2- No progeny may be kept or registered from this animal.
     I want to take this opportunity to thank some very special people in my life. Thank you Marilou Webb for the wonderful bucks and does, all the advice, and for helping me to get my herd going again. Thank you Lisa Chen and Carla Timmons for the wonderful Toggenburgs. Thank you Laurie Acton for the wonderful start in Buddy's Saanen herd, for all the great advice and for your friendship. Thank you Linda Shuls for your friendship, for sharing your knowledge, and for all your encouragement. Last but not least, thank you to my mother, Doleen, for her unconditional love, encouragement, and for all her help with the goats.


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